Turquoise and Shell Heishi Neckace



Heishi is among the oldest and most practical of jewelry designs. It goes with almost everything, except ballgowns, maybe.

In centuries past, this was the sort of adornment worn by southwestern tribes for eons, before learning to make silver jewelry.

Of course, in the past, the materials would have been in rough, irregular lumps, rather than formed into these beautifully regular shell disks. It is still immensely difficult, in terms of time and materials.

Joe Pacheco is a recognized specialist in heishi pieces, and the brown, baby olive shell disks are incredibly tiny.

Each disk was cut  from a shell, formed into a little square, drilled, and polished into the final shape.

He has spiced up the smooth, tiny brown disks with Kingman turquoise nuggets, or shards; irregular shapes and sizes that complement the shell in texture, size and color.

Seven strands (7!)  of  these highly polished, smooth, organically shaped, little teal  stones make up an assertive stunner of a necklace, along with the tightly packed, teensy brown shells.

Together, they create a dramatic, crunchy and colorful look, in an unusual but gorgeous palette.

An creative, updated version of nuggets and heishi, this look is suited to contemporary life; it goes as well with t-shirts, as with suits and dresses.

The silver chain can be fastened at lengths from 24 inches long, to 28 inches long.

That allows for maximum versatility in necklines, and layering with other heishi or silver necklaces.

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