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Turquoise and Repousse Dangles


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Alex Sanchez’s career is not a common one; he transitioned from a student of sports medicine to award-winning jeweler!

Inspiration for the change came from one of his brothers, the late, great jeweler, Myron Panteah, and Alex has become an award-winner in his own right.

Much of his work is characterized by prehistoric petroglyph figures, applied on sterling silver, and/or forms from nature.

These seductive earrings are completely different, although they still refer to his tribal heritage in a subtle way.

Beautiful, turquoise tops have been cut into a semi-circle, divided into two quarters. (Wear them with the curved edge on the outside, so they echo the curve of the ear.)

The vivid teal of the stone peeks out from the warm hues of the toasty brown matrix, like bright sky showing through trees and bushes.

In order to be cut into hard edges, the stones were likely stabilized to prevent excessive crumbling, but are still natural.

Dangling from these colorful tops, are two four-lobed silver forms that have repousse oval centers. These were pushed out from behind.

These dangles will stir flirtatiously, as you move, adding attractive energy to the earrings.

So, what’s the tribal connection? These look like handsome, modern earrings…

Well, the four lobes are in a sort of petal, or cross, shape and this is a creative take on the age-old Navajo symbol for the four corners of the world, where blessings and beauty should extend.

In the Navajo way, there is beauty everywhere.

Hand-fabricated, with great style and fine workmanship, these wonderful dangles will embellish whatever you wear, every day.

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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/8" L | Tops are 7/8" L x 5/8" W