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Turquoise and Lapis Shadowbox Pendant


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Naveek is an acknowledged master jeweler, a former Indian Artist of the Year, and recipient of many awards for his elegant, sleek, exquisitely fabricated jewelry. This pendant showcases his unique method of inlaying stones: the natural turquoise is not glued, and the silver channels are as delicate as a hair. We don’t know his secret, and neither does anyone else, although they try, he says with a sly grin.

Whatever the technique, the turquoise and lapis are a beautiful combination, with the wisps of silver surrounding them to add glitter. Set in a discreet toothed bezel, the oval is set in a silver shadowbox with a flanged, chiseled border of extraordinary precision.

Unimaginably prefect, this is a lovely pendant that evokes the Victorian lockets of old, but with Native materials and a modern twist.

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Sterling SilverI Natural Turquoise and Lapis