Turquoise and Lapis Fetish Necklace

Jovanna Poblano


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The Poblanos are a family known for pushing the boundaries and bringing a more modern interpretation of traditions in their art.  Here, however, Jovanna has let the tradition shine.

Granddaughter of the famed Leo Poblano, who is famous for the development of mosaic inlay jewelry, and daughter to Veronica Poblano, both Jovanna and her brother Dylan were destined to be phenomenal artists.

Jovanna has carved six small eagle fetishes from Lapis Lazuli, the striking deep blue of the stone a beautiful contrast to the bright blue of the Sleeping Beauty turquoise beads that the necklace itself is made from.

At the center of the necklace is a larger eagle, carved from the same Lapis, but more pronounced.  Below the eagle hangs a sort of jacla, a traditional Pueblo jewelry adornment that was originally earrings and sometimes fastened to the bottom of a stone necklace as a pendant-like attachment. This jacla-esque pendant is an extension of the original necklace and boasts three beautiful Lapis Lazuli discs.

The eagles are carved in the traditional Zuni style, which tends to be more abstract than realistic as more modern Zuni fetishes are.

This is a beautiful necklace, made by a very talented artist from a noted family.  With just the right amounts of the traditional and contemporary, this piece is sure to make your heart soar!

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