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Turquoise and Coral “Anasazi” Pendant


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This highly reputed artist is known for her beautifully made, chic, wearable and well-designed pieces – just like this pendant.

Raised stones, in bright, happy and traditional colors, are inlaid in an asymmetrical but balanced design.

Sprightly, turquoise, in various shades from pale aqua to dark teal, and natural, warm red coral, look contemporary in design.

Actually, the raised, rounded and vertical stones are arranged like the stonework of ancient Anasazi ruins.

They are set into a shadowbox whose darkened background provides contrast and emphasis.

A beautifully formed, squared off silver frame echoes the subtly convex form, and adds gleaming streaks around the edges of the piece.

More sparkle is found in the broad, polished bail.

This vibrant, chic pendant is striking and very well-made, with a lovely, age-old palette in the stones – a winning combination.

P.S. There is a  beautifully compatible ring by the same artist on our website that would make a wonderful companion to this pendant. Check it out here!


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Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


2 1/8" L including bail x 1 1/2" W