Turquoise and Copper Beaded Heart Necklace

Jovanna Poblano


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The third generation of a family of  acclaimed, innovative, even cutting-edge,  Zuni jewelers, this artist is also famous and widely collected.

She has been much honored for her flair in combining stones and beads in dramatic, totally one-of-a-kind necklaces – like this one.

A fascinating combination of the opulent and the delicate, she confidently mixed up the scale to maximum effect, going against conventional rules.

Combining a dramatically large, heart-shaped turquoise stone, the artist surrounded it with teeny-tiny copper beads, tiny turquoise heishi, small, but larger, turquoise domes, and more copper.

The complementary colors and textural differences create visual excitement, as well as serenity. (Hard to accomplish.)

Sewn on natural deerskin leather, the heart pendant supports a cascade of faceted beads in varying hues of blue, turquoise, and bronze crystal, each one separated by a minuscule copper bead.

Each of the fifteen strands of glittering beads is finished with a larger, faceted aqua and crystal bead, sandwiched between tiny matching beads and ending with two wee copper, and one turquoise, beads.

A double row of turquoise, copper, and bronze, mottled beads supports the heart pendant and the waterfall of shimmering crystals.

They are finished, at the sterling silver clasp, by a plump cone of the same tiny copper beads.

Despite the variety of materials and textures, the whole, spectacular necklace is integrated, and in beautiful harmony.

Jovanna has sewn and attached every single element, by hand, with a fabulously artistic eye.

As imposing as it looks, it really is not all that formal, although it can be – depends on what you wear with it.

So, this necklace is magnificent, but don’t wait for the ball, Cinderella – your turtlenecks and sweaters, suits and dresses, all will look chic and special, embellished by this fantastic necklace.

Enjoy the award-winning artistry and skill of this unique artist, over and over again.

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