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Turquoise and Cherrywood Square Earrings


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Shades of the past; expertise of the present. Small, inlaid mosaic pieces of turquoise are arranged like the bricks in ancient cliff dwellings, and bound to an gleaming slab of lightweight cherrywood that beautifully matches some of the matrix in the turquoise. With a patchwork of tints, from clear, pale green to a variety of mossy, earthy tones, including warm browns, these earrings have a rich texture and appearance. The turquoise is from the coveted Carico Lake mine in Nevada. With the tailored shape, and unusual, autumnal color, they are actually very neutral. It would be hard to find anything you couldn’t wear with these. Handsome in appearance, solid in execution, these earrings are a direct link to prehistoric times, with an up-to-date, artisanal look.

Carico Lake Turquoise, Cherrywood, Sterling Silver

Dangle Length: 1 7/8″ Width: 1″ Type: