Turquoise and Bead Necklace With Black Marble


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Nationally celebrated and collected for her artful combinations of exquisite beadwork and unusual stones, this artist is one of a family of jewelers famous for innovation. Her personal style is marked by glamorous femininity, sometimes delicate, sometimes bold and beautiful, like this one. A glorious sense of color is another of her gifts. In this piece, the dramatic contrast is between a variety of turquoise and turquoise-hued beads, and the large, lustrous black marble centerpiece. The variety of surfaces, and textures is artfully combined for a rich effect. As always, this piece is a gorgeous example of the artist's meticulous attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. Don't save it for a special occasion – this looks wonderful with turtlenecks and jeans, too.

Turquoise, Crystal Beads, and Black Marble

Length: 26 1/2″Pendant Width: 1 3/4″ Pendant Height: 6″