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Turquoise and Abalone Shell Dangles


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Shades of the past; color of today. Pueblo people have been using bits of shell and pretty stones for centuries, to adorn themselves.

Now, the workmanship is much more refined, but the idea and materials are  the same.

Turquoise is ageless, a real cheerer-upper, and endlessly flattering to all.

Here, this wonderful stone is stacked, like the bricks in ancient cliff dwellings.

There is no backing, just turquoise all around, centered with fabulously iridescent, natural abalone shell.

It would be hard to find a color you couldn’t wear with these, or a time of day, or a situation.

Let the blue sky, the brown earth, and the opalescent shimmer of water, dangle from your ears, bringing sunshine to your face, reflecting the beautiful balance of nature.


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2 3/4" L x 1/4" W


Natural Abalone Shell, Stabilized Natural Turquoise