Turquoise Accented Stepped Pot

Dora Tse-pe



Recently recognized as an official “Master” of Santa Fe Indian Market, she has been credited with more than merely exemplary pottery-making.

Her innovations include creating russet features and/or rims in black pottery, and with being among the first to inlay stones in pots.

This gem is a marvel of simplicity; always the most difficult feat, since there are no distractions to imperfection.

The stone-polished finish is mirror-smooth; Dora is noted for her exquisite polishing.

The inlaid turquoise contrasts vividly, in both form and color.

Set within the russet area, it embodies the sky above the earth, while the stepped form of the rim, here, symbolizes both rain, and the sacred kiva.

This dual tone of clay colors requires a second firing. There is a similar area of russet clay on the other side, also with an embedded natural turquoise.

Here, the rim is lower and simple.

With a gorgeous finish, precise form, and lovely natural stones, the piece speaks for itself- a masterful work by a recognized Master. Signed, of course.


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