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Tufa Cast Yei Dangles


Exquisitely fabricated tufa cast Yei head dangles. Inlaid, natural Fox turquoise eyes; natural red coral  for mouth.

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One of the most acclaimed jewelers in the world of Native art, Ric Charlie is internationally renowned for his superlative tufa-cast work. The most prestigious art shows have also recognized his artistry with Best of Show, Best of Division, even a special award for tufa casting. This self-taught artist is considered the equal of his legendary inspirations, Charles Loloma and Preston Monongye.

These earrings are exquisite examples of his meticulous work, using the finest materials.  Representing masks of Yeis, benevolent Navajo spirits, the delicacy of the tufa casting and finish is remarkable.The feathery headdresses are a beautiful interplay of textured background and glittering lines that symbolize feathers. They are wavy, to signify that the prayers are for water, the source of life, and life for crops and all creatures.

An applied half-circle of polished silver gleams across the top half of the faces, with inlaid eyes of natural green Fox turquoise.The bottom half of the face is very subtly tinted, so the carved vertical stripes and shiny frame around the inlaid red coral (also natural, naturally) stand out against it. Dangling from the tablitas are long, slender “earrings” with a minutely pebbly texture. Wavy bands that end in arrowheads hang from the chins and refer to water and spiritual power.

Daintily decorative, these wonderful earrings are also remarkably refined; tufa casting usually results in a rugged look, but not these beauties. Superlative is the word: in the caliber of the stones, the design and the subject.  Museum-worthy art you can wear with t-shirts, too!

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Natural Fox Turquoise, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


1 3/4" long 1/2" Wire, 2 1/4" long altogether