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Tufa Cast Yebechei Band


Tufa cast silver band, tapered to back; bas-relief  Yebechei face with ruffand necklaces. Small turquoise dot set above naja.

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A ruggedly handsome silver band, tapered down, front to back, for comfort. The difficult tufa cast technique gives the silver a noticeable texture, well-suited to the somewhat mysterious appearance of the Navajo spirit’s head. Yebecheis appear during the winter Nightway ceremony, and are often depicted amid swirls of mist and smoke.

Here, the head, hair, feathers, protuberant mouth, and ruff, are all distinct, but in bas relief, so appear to be fading into the band. A bright blue turquoise dot is set just above the tufa cast necklace, below the ruff, as if a pendant.

Well made, with fine details, well designed, and intriguing, this is a fine looking, distinctive ring, for man or woman.

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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver

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3/4" to 1/2" wide