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Tufa-Cast Wolf Cuff


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Wolves are highly regarded as protectors, hunting fetishes, and also symbols of loyalty and family.

Meticulously detailed, fine tufa casting portrays this fine-looking wolf’s head in a subtle range of shadings and textures, very like the actual, furry creature.

The background is also marked with lighter and darker areas, as if mountains or a river were behind the noble animal.

Gleaming, polished edges provide a smooth contrast to the refined textures of the tufa-cast cuff.

Tufa is a naturally occurring, compacted volcanic byproduct that is very crumbly. Carving details is therefore, quite challenging.

Molten silver is poured into the block of carved tufa to create the piece, which then must be refined and finished by hand.

Tapering from widest at the center down to narrower, but rounded ends, this bracelet has a definite presence.

It has an elegant and understated impact.

Beautiful symbol; beautifully executed by an established jeweler.

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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 1/2"


1 1/2"