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Tufa Cast Village Cuff


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Impressive in heft, impressive in design, and impressive in fabrication, this wide cuff is…impressive.

The handsome design in the center is a tufa cast carving of a multi-story village, with mountains in the background.

There is a sense of depth, from front to back, with the rocky, grassy ground in front, leading to the village houses, then to the far-off mountains.

Varying depths of carving contribute to this sense of perspective.

Details are delicate, but clear: a ladder leading to the upper stories, and many square windows and doors, as well as the rough ground.

The texture and slight darkening of the scene contribute to the somewhat dream-like vision as if the scene is a memory of the past.

On either side of the village scene, are applied, triangular inlaid areas, reaching to each end of the cuff.

Composed of three different, natural inlaid turquoises, with dark ironwood and an accent of natural red coral, these inlaid areas are much more vivid than the silver scene, emphasizing the misty, feel of reverie in the center.

Stepped areas are channeled with silver, and inlaid with silver dots; symbolizing rain and raindrops, while the varying hues of the turquoise evoke sky and water.

The brown wood and red coral suggest the earth and the sun, so nature is in balance for the inhabitants of the village.

Rolled silver borders are highly polished, adding a nice contrast of smooth texture.

The whole design is beautifully designed, and achieved, creating a unique bracelet.

The form of the bracelet is rounded, so it fits larger than its dimensions would indicate if your wrist is flat on top.

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Iron Wood, Natural Candelaria Turquoise, Natural Fox Turquoise, Natural Morenci Turquoise, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 3/8" + 1 3/8" Gap | 6 3/4" All around


1 1/2" W