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Tufa-Cast Turquoise Butterfly


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The other half of the super-star jeweler team that includes her husband, Darryl Dean Begay, Rebecca is a prestigious award-winner herself, as well.

This delightful pendant marries exquisite tufa casting with dazzling blue, natural turquoise, in an original, graceful form.

The Begays go to Hopi land to carve out this super-fine tufa. A volcanic product, tufa is like compressed sand, and very tricky to handle.

Molten, melted silver is poured into the hand-carved tufa mold, to form the design. Only one or two casts of the same tufa mold is possible, since it crumbles so easily.

Look at the clear and precise lines this excellent artist achieves in this difficult medium!

The whole piece is a series of gentle curves, from the antennae, to the shape of the turquoise, to the scalloped edges of the wings (they are, presumably, folded).

Gloriously vivid blue turquoise looks as if it absorbed an entire summer sky, or the depths of the ocean.

The stone is a beautiful foil against the darker, sandy-textured silver; it seems to glow, like  piece of stained glass.

Consummate skill joins equally fine artistry in this enchanting butterfly. And, it will never fly away.

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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2" L x 1 1/4" W