Tufa-Cast Triangles Bracelet



A handsome, unisex silver bracelet, hand-carved by the artist in his signature, tufa cast style.

Tufa is a naturally compressed volcanic sand; usually, only one mold can be carved from a slab, because it is so fragile, and crumbles easily.

In this attractive cuff, the interconnected, linear designs stand out in relief from the darkened and textured silver base.

The very fine lines demonstrate the artist’s expertise with this tricky medium; it is notoriously difficult to carve delicate designs in tufa.

In Pueblo pottery, parallel fine lines refer to rainfall, a most precious and elusive natural occurrence in the high desert, that symbolizes good luck, health, and happiness.

The lines are carved within a pattern of triangles that form a complex pattern.

On the inside, Dino has carved a series of bear paws, trailing from one end of the cuff to the other.

Another example of his artistry, this means the cuff was carved on both sides of the tufa – top slab, and bottom.

Bears are considered guardians and protectors, revered for their superior strength, hunting ability, and survival skills.

So, this handsome bracelet is full of good luck and happy thoughts, on both sides!

Within its marvelously geometric pattern, the raised lines are polished, so they glisten as if streaks of rain.

The design and size lend this cuff to be enjoyed by men or women.

Although it measures to fit a 6 1/2″ wrist, the shape of the bracelet would allow a larger wrist to wear it.

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