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Tufa Cast Sterling Silver Cuff


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This artist has traveled a creative path that started at the age of 5 (!) and has meandered from painting, to award-winning bead work, to prize-winning jewelry.

Along with a fellowship from the Wheelwright Museum, in Santa Fe, he has blue ribbons from Santa Fe Indian Market, and elsewhere.

He is now a recognized Master, who favors true tufa cast metal in his work, as here.

Meticulously carved from the crumbly, semi-hard tufa, this bracelet sports a variety of traditional Navajo symbols in a very modern, individual design.

Spidery forms are on either side of a centered pattern of wavy, vertical lines that are interrupted by a series of half-circles.

These would seem to refer to Spider Woman, who is considered the Mother, associated with the emergence of life, and who taught the Navajo to weave, among other life skills.

The wavy lines represent falling rain, great good luck in the desert, and the half-circles look like the sun, as well as the rainbows that follows rain.

The chunky, chiseled “teeth”, that form the topmost half-circle, are like the rays of the sun.

These form both edges of the bracelet, as well as separating the different, but repetitive, motifs.

Splashed diagonally across the front, but offset a bit, is an inlaid oval of beautiful blue turquoise and two shades of coral – all natural.

This is another touch of tradition in a new dress: turquoise is the sky and water; coral represents the land. Together, they form the ideal balance of nature.

And this bracelet achieves an ideal balance of the rugged, the delicate, the neutral and the colorful.

These all combine to form one beautiful unit that is as handsome as the symbols are profound.



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Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver and Natural Turquoise


1" wide

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

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Wrist Size

6 1/2"