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Tufa Cast Silver Earrings


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A major presence in the Indian art world, this award-winning jeweler has a special ability to use traditional Hopi motifs and symbols in a thoroughly contemporary way. His preferred technique is tufa-casting: sawing and sculpting a design in semi-compacted volcanic sand. Only one or two casts can be made from a single mold because it is so crumbly.


These earrings, striking in form, proportion and elegant simplicity have all the hallmarks of his work. The wavy line that contrasts so well with the sharp angles represents water, the source of life. This is particularly important to the Hopi, who are dry farmers. Water means crops to harvest and the good health, happiness and prosperity that follow.


Fabricated by hand, with his customary refinement and skill, these earrings are quietly seductive and very wearable expressions of this important jeweler’s work.



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Sterling Silver


2 5/8" long x 1/2" wide at bottom