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Tufa Cast Petroglyph Earrings


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He learned from Darryl Dean Begay, his brother, so this prize-winning jeweler started out from the top. He uses tufa casting, technique, exclusively, and often incorporates Pueblo motifs, as in these beautiful earrings.

One side of these gracefully curved earrings is “pin-striped”, showing parallel, raised threads above the darkened background. These vertical lines suggest rain. The gorgeously deep teal, natural Carico Lake turquoise, set onto the surface, references water and sky, so the theme of good luck is established. The stones are hand cut and pillowed, in hand cut bezels.

The reverse is just as attractive: tiny petroglyph symbols are randomly scattered across the ear-shaped silver. These include the hand of blessing and protection, water and storm spirals, deer or elk, a butterfly, and various human figures (hunters?). Completely covering the surface, the individual figures form a general, highly decorative pattern.

Beautifully shaped, designed and executed, in the demanding medium of tufa casting silver, these are flattering earrings with glorious stones and intriguing appearance. These will make your most casual clothes look like a famous designer’s, and designer clothes look custom made: Understated fabulousness in every way.

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Sterling Silver I Natural Carico Lake Turquoise


2" including wire


1" at the widest part