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Tufa Cast Lightning Bracelet


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“Platero” means “silversmith” in Spanish, perhaps indicating that this third-generation jeweler's artistic roots go back beyond his grandparents. Especially noted for his hollowware, – salad servers, spoons, etc., he creates many different styles and objects. Recently, he brought in this marvelously simple, dramatic, silver bracelet.The zig zag shape looks modern, even contemporary, but the inspiration is traditional: lightning, the precursor of rain, and therefore a good luck omen. Alternating texture and polish adds to the allure of this unusual piece, which is very flattering on the arm. Handsome, comfortable, and striking, this is a bracelet for lovers of tradition and admirers of today's styles, both.

Sterling Silver

Total Size: 6 1/4″ Cuff Size: 5 3/8″ Gap Size: 7/8″ Width: 1/4″