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Tufa Cast Inlaid Spiral Buckle


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Cordell is a son of Anthony Lovato, and grandson of Mary Lovato, both renowned jewelers. He is not yet 30-years-old, but already known for his tufa cast work.

This tufa-cast buckle exhibits a handsome, rough-hewn texture, even in some of the inlaid stones. It looks like an artifact from the middle ages, fit for a noble.

Rough textured, tufa cast silver forms the base, with a barely tapered edge. A pleasing pattern of spirals stands out from the darkened background, resembling embroidery.

Hand cut stones form a straight-edged band across the center, framed by raised, tufa-textured silver. Mother of pearl, inlaid in a pale green turquoise, is as luminous and smooth as ice, while glossy jet gleams darkly.

A fossil ivory rectangle adds to the smooth reflective surfaces; the three turquoise stones at the other end, while polished, look as rugged as the pitted texture of the silver.

The working parts on the back are sturdy, handmade silver. It will fit a belt up to just about 1 3/4″  wide.

With its crunchy texture, intriguing contrast of rigid lines and delicate curlicues, plus the bold swath of raised, stones, this buckle has an earthy, assertive look.

To make a handsome yin/yang statement, wear this with polished, tailored clothes, too. Archaic in look; perfect for the casual, contemporary lifestyle.

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Fossil Ivory, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


2 5/8" W x 1 7/8" H, Fits 1 5/8" W belt