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Tufa Cast Flowers & Dragonflies Pendant


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Working with her husband, Darryl Dean Begay, Rebecca has become one of the most honored masters of contemporary Native jewelry. The favorite method of both is tufa casting, and a favorite subject of hers is flowers and traditional, good luck creatures. This marvelous pendant combines the method and the subject with instantly recognizable beauty, masterfully executed. Two graceful dragonflies hover over one side of the circular pendant, with two pretty flowers on the other. A gorgeous, small, natural turquoise, signifying the sky and water, sits right in the center. From the fabled Lone Mountain mine in Nevada, it probably represents about one third of the cost of the piece all by itself! Water, and the happy result – thriving plants and crops – is the theme of the design.The repetition of circles and rounds in the turquoise, the flowers' centers, the tendrils curling around the flowers, and the shape of the pendant itself, creates a well-balanced and pleasing composition. Placing the dragonflies off-center and facing different directions, gives the piece animated energy. It is as if the dragonflies were flitting through the air, over water and the lovely flowers. The delicate design is an intriguing contrast with the rough texture of the tufa cast silver.Impeccably made and beautifully designed, this a wonderful addition to this stellar artist's body of work.

Sterling Silver, Natural Lone Mountain Turquoise

Height: 2 1/8″ Diameter: 2″