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Tufa Cast Flowered Leaf Pendant


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The other half of the super-star jeweler team that includes her husband, Darryl Dean Begay, Rebecca is a prestigious award-winner in her own right, as well. This dazzling pendant demonstrates her decorative, feminine style and expert technique.

Formed like a graceful leaf, the tufa-cast pendant is darkened to a velvety black. The raised floral elements, therefore, glitter like rain-kissed petals after a storm. Surrounded by impossibly thin, beautifully curled silver tendrils, the central flower has a vibrant red, natural coral center. The other flowers are artfully scattered, with only partial segments visible. Tiny silver dots form their centers.

Rebecca and Darryl are known for the extremely fine-grained tufa they use, found only on or near Hopi lands. That allows the incredibly refined and precise designs seen in this pendant. Note that even the exterior of the bail is textured to match. Further evidence of exceptional care and artistry, as well as remarkable control of the tufa casting.

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Sterling Silver I Natural Red Coral


3 1/4" long x 1 3/8" wide