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Tufa Cast Fan Earrings


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Mark uses time-tried materials, techniques, and symbols in a new, modern way, like other members of his well-known, prize-winning family.

These elegantly formed earrings are of tufa-cast silver. Tufa is naturally hardened volcanic sand that can be hand carved – carefully – and then filled with molten silver.

Since the tufa is very crumbly, only one or two casts can be made from a single mold.

Graceful tapered, the earrings are like elongated fans. The raised lines are slightly polished, while the rest remains darkened.

The grainy texture of the tufa is kept as a design detail, allowing the parallel lines to glisten, like rainfall against a dark sky.

Sophisticated and chic in appearance, these meticulously made earrings bring that ancient good luck symbol into contemporary times – beautifully.

Suitable for most activities, from casual, to work, to dining out, these are remarkably handsome additions to your wardrobe.



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1 1/2" L x 3/4" W


Sterling Silver