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Tufa Cast Eagle Bolo


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Here is another example of the fabulously creative jewelry of the great Fritz Casuse.

Fritz is celebrated for his mentoring, his teaching, and for astonishing, award-winning jewelry characterized by highly complex, completely hand-fabricated pieces.

He is also a sculptor, and this perspective leads to creating dimensional and textured jewelry pieces that are full of movement.

Despite being a renowned artist, he “enjoys the act of creation and is always experimenting” in his art.

This splendid bolo is typical of the inspiration and intricacy of his work.

Tufa-cast sterling silver has been impeccably carved into a detailed and vigorous bas-relief of an eagle’s head. – not easy, with crumbly tufa.

Eagles are the Guardians of the Skies, and sacred; they carry hopes and prayers up to the heavens, and are also powerful protectors.

This eagle is raptor-fierce, and appropriately powerful, yet graceful, too.

Rushing in from the right, the repetitive curves of his beak, head, and rows of feathers create a feeling of rushing motion.

A strong diagonal line of head and beak, and the flurry of feathers arcing in the opposite direction, emphasize the feeling of flight.

This continues below, as his neck feathers curl into a looping curve, with an oval, stunningly limpid blue, natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise set into an oval space.

The line of the eagle’s neck melds into the border of this oval form, and continues in a swirl, at the bottom.

A border of typical Navajo, stepped motifs fills in the space around the high-set stone.

More stepped designs, and circles like raindrops, fill in the background, above the eagle’s head.

Delicate stamped scallops edge the border of the the bolo.

For all the potent drama of the eagle, every element of the total design is precise, and delicately defined.

Another sign of this artist’s exceptional artistry is the design of the tips.

Basically plain cylinders, they are cut on the diagonal at the bottom, with an applied stripe of geometrically stamped silver the overlaps both top and bottom.

This links up to the texture of the bolo itself, without distracting from its design.

All the silver has been antiqued, which adds to the solemn dignity and eloquence of the design.

Needless to say, the hand-braided leather cord is of equal quality to the bolo.

An authoritative, but not flashy, work of an acknowledged master.

It will attract admiration everywhere in the world.

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Leather, Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver


Bolo is 2 5/8" L x 2" W | Tips are 2 5/8" L x 3/8" Diameter | Cord is 42" L x 3/8" Diameter