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Tufa Cast Diamond Pattern Cuff


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Dino is a well-known jeweler from Santo Domingo-Kewa Pueblo, best-known for its long history of heishi pieces.

Like his fellow jeweler, Joseph Coriz, however, Dino works in silver.

He creates marvelously detailed tufa-cast pieces, like this classic cuff.

The clarity of all those fine, concentric lines is amazing. With its pattern of diamonds within diamonds, the design resembles a historic fabric.

A very slender border on either side of the cuff has been left with its sandy texture un-darkened, so there is a bit of solid sparkle there, as well as on the raised lines of the diamonds.

On the interior of the cuff, are charming motifs of sun, moon, rainclouds and rain, cornstalks, and stars. These are ancient good luck signs.

This separate design shows Nature in balance, when enough sun and rain produce abundant harvests.

Perfectly shaped to stack beautifully with other cuffs, this bracelet also shines handsomely alone.

Although the message is age-old, the design looks right up-to-date


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Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/2" + 1 1/8" gap | 6 5/8" all around