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Tufa Cast Diamond Cuff


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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. When they come in this dramatically graphic, classic cuff diamonds are forever, too. You don’t hide this diamond-studded beauty in a vault; you can flaunt it every day.

Created by this revered jeweler, a major presence in the Indian art world, the silver is solid, true tufa cast.

The acid-darkened background is nicely textured to contrast with the polished diamonds, as are the edges.

One, gleaming gold element delightfully breaks up the regular, highly contrasting grid. The precision and solidity of this piece is matched by the geometric beauty of the design.

Inside, a secret treasure for the happy owner, is a fully realized design of the Sun, Kokopelli and other Hopi motifs, as well as the artist’s mark.

A traditional, stylistic yin to the contemporary yang of the diamond grid design. Steve’s work is today’s treasure and tomorrow’s museum piece.



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14k Gold, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6 3/8"

Cuff Size

5 1/8"

Gap Size

1 1/4"


1 3/8" W