Tufa Cast Butterfly Cuff



Cordell is a son of Anthony Lovato, and grandson of Mary Lovato, both renowned jewelers.

He is not yet 30-years-old, but already known for his tufa-cast work.

This cuff, looks both rough-hewn and delightfully delicate, thanks to the crunchy texture of the tufa-cast silver, and the amazingly dainty spirals, arabesques and butterflies.

The lovely pattern symbolizes water, and the pollination of plants; good luck symbols, in the high desert.

Happy crops mean happy, healthy and prosperous people.

The meandering, raised pattern looks like embroidery, glistening over the slightly darkened surface.

A natural turquoise, shaped like a drop of water, is attached to one edge of the bracelet, just off center.

With its radiant aqua hue, and touch of matrix, it resembles an island in a tropical sea, as seen from above.

This beautiful stone reinforces the theme of water, and adds a glowing accent of color.

On the inside of the cuff, the young artist cast an entirely different design, along with his name!

As if in response to the water spirals on the front, we see two happy flowers, on sturdy, leafy stems.

One is at each end, with a stepped rain symbol and lightning framing the artist’s name, in the center.

A finely executed, beautifully designed bracelet full of the promise of Spring, and good luck wishes.

Whoever wears this wonderful cuff will be lucky, indeed.


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