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Tufa Cast Arabesques Cuff


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Mother, wife, and teacher, as well as award-winning jeweler, this lovely lady has lived art since childhood. This bracelet seems to transform the rigid material of silver, into a flowing, sensuous pattern that recalls brocade fabric – or waves of water. Like her famous husband, Darryl Dean Begay, she favors the method of true tufa casting. The couple dig their own, naturally compressed tufa from somewhere on Hopi land, because the fine grain found there is considered superior. Since the material is notoriously crumbly, only a couple of castings can be made from one, hand carved mold.

Evenly textured silver is the background for a decorative pattern of curlicues. Everything is, of course, textured because the molten silver was poured into the grainy, sandy, carved tufa mold. With consummate expertise, ornamental loops and curls are carved out of the crumbly tufa in several layers of depth, and with remarkable clarity.

Bold and animated, but also feminine and graceful, this design of dancing curves brings to mind the opulent fabrics of the Renaissance, but also, some ancient artifacts. Somehow, this bracelet combines fluid beauty and rugged substance in a remarkable way. With total mastery of technique, design and execution, this is an outstanding, beautiful example of high artistry, by a major jeweler. Wear it everywhere now, and let your descendants cherish it in the future.

Sterling Silver

Total Size: 6 5/8″ Cuff Size: 5 1/2″ Gap Size: 1 1/8″ Width: 1 3/8″