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Tufa Cast and Multi-Stone Buckle


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A major presence in the Indian art world, this award-winning jeweler uses traditional Hopi motifs and symbols in a thoroughly modern and personal way.

The precision of his tufa-cast designs is also legendary. He has a secret source of especially fine-grained tufa (naturally compressed volcanic sand).

This buckle has a wonderful graphic quality, thanks to the darkened background and the finely delineated designs in the silver.

Unusually, the artist has supplemented the silver work with a row of vividly hued, natural stones.

Green and blue-er turquoise, bright red coral, and deep blue lapis seem to sum up the message in the silver design: green for the crops water will encourage, blue for the sky, red for the earth, and dark blue for the water itself.

As well as symbols, the stones add beautiful color to the darkened silver and delicately linear elements.

At the top of the buckle, two rows of wavy lines refer to flowing water. Below the row of stones, there is a stepped design to the left, with a shiny, texture inside it. This is the traditional symbol for rain.

Just to left of this is a small circle, representing the sun or moon. The double cross form, below, refers to the four corners of the earth; may the blessing of rainfall extend all over the world.

In the center, a vertical row of little circles symbolizes raindrops, and esthetically, repeats the rounded lines at the top.

Finally, at the right, an angular spiral represents wind and storm clouds.

The working parts are all handmade, as well. In fact, the flat sides of the bar that holds a belt are also tufa cast, with a design of raindrops and water!

It will fit a belt about 1 3/8″ to 1 1/2″ wide.

On the reverse, the artist has signed his Hopi name, with a sun symbol.

Water and sun together facilitate the growth of crops; happiness, good health and abundance follow.

You will be happy to own this gorgeous buckle, and we hope you will wear it abundantly, and in good health!

It is an exceptional piece, by an exceptional and much-celebrated artist.

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Natural Coral and Turquoise, Natural Lapis, Sterling Silver


3" wide x 1 3/4" high