Tufa Cast Abstract Seashell Cuff

Michael Roanhorse


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Intensely glowing, natural red coral, the rough texture of tufa cast sterling silver, and sweeping curves of gleaming silver wires; this unique bracelet from innovative silversmith Michael Roanhorse will capture everyone’s eye.

The stone is a premium, high-grade, natural coral, in deepest, vibrant red.

Its smooth surface contrasts with the heavily textured tufa-cast silver of the substantial silver cuff.

The dentil bezel that holds it firm, echoes the ribs of the stepped, shell-like form in which it is set.

Grandly swooping silver curves, like curling waves, seem to support this central shell.

They end in solid, flat ends that are decorated with details that resemble water drops on the sand.

Each element of this dramatic bracelet refers to water: the stepped edge of the central fan shape, and the parallel ribs on it, the polished, wavy wires, the bold curves that flow around the piece.

The choice of coral underlines the oceanic theme.

This is a marvelous, flamboyant, superbly designed and hand-fabricated piece.

One of the younger silversmiths whose creativity is bringing tradition into the 21st century, Michael uses time-tried materials and techniques to create abstract designs.

He is a second-generation jeweler, and already has earned heaps of prizes.

This bracelet is a remarkable piece of wearable art, and will be admired as such for generations.

Wear it everyday – it is like a chameleon, and adjusts to whatever you wear.

PS I think it should be worn with the fluted shell pointed toward the fingers; you can decide which way suits you best.


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