Trout and Dragonfly Pin


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This fine silversmith favors inspiration from the natural world – butterflies, dragonflies, lizards, bugs, and now – this spectacularly detailed, good-sized fish, leaping out of the water to capture a handsome silver and coral dragonfly.

The body of the fish (trout?) is intricately hand-stamped, to simulate its markings with uncanny naturalism. Fins, gills, and tail are also realistically chiseled, as are the mouth and eye.

The dragonfly is adorned with a couple of natural red coral cabochons, as well as nicely stamped wings, curved antennae, and an articulated silver body. The beady eye of the fish, focused on his prey, is a gleaming black onyx. The curved form and precise stamping on the fish and dragonfly are wonderful, giving the illusion of naturalism while remaining beautifully decorative.

These delightful – and precisely fabricated – creatures will happily swim and fly onto a lapel, or anywhere you lure them.

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Coral, Black Onyx, Sterling Silver


3 1/4"


1 3/8"