Trout and Dragonfly Pin

Lee Charley


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Well-known, for his meticulous silver work and intriguing designs, Lee Charley especially likes to interpret nature’s creatures.

His whimsical side is evident in this handsome pin: a carefully detailed trout is about to swallow a dragonfly!

The dragonfly is also beautifully detailed, with graceful, hand stamped wings, delicate antennae, and a double turquoise body.

Its articulated tail is shown with tiny silver domes, partially in the trout’s mouth.

With a black onyx eye, the curvaceous fish is speckled, with chiseled fins and tail and crisply stamped, stepped rain designs, following the curve of his body.

Tiny plant forms are clearly seen within each stepped motif.

The theme seems to be abundance, good health, and good eats: dragonflies hover over and near water, the source of life; a trout is a delicious treat in the desert, and this one exhibits hopes for rain and flourishing plants, as well.

Delightfully decorative, a conversation starter, and hand fabricated with expertise, this trout pin is a real catch!

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