“Tropical Bliss” Bolo

Abraham Peina


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This young jeweler (23 years old) is related to several families of notable Zuni artists, including the Poblanos, but is making his own mark with modern designs, based on tradition.

This meticulously hand-fabricated bolo celebrates water and sunsets, with 21st-century stones, and time-tested technique.

A large, luminous, natural rhodochrosite displays its range of incandescently rosy hues up front, and set high.

Graduated depths of the beautiful color, and the form of them, resemble clouds in a gorgeous sunset sky.

Surrounding the dominant stone, sterling silver has been given a grainy texture, at the sides, with a broad swath of brilliant polish at the center.

Sinuous lines of polished silver snake over the pebbly texture, while incised lines flow down the plain silver, on either side of the stone.

Sandy texture, water, sunset; these inspired the title given by the artist: “Tropical Bliss”.

You don’t have to be in the tropics to admire this radiant bolo; the allure of water, sand and sunsets is universal.

Water is a traditional sign of great luck, in the dry Zuni landscape, and sunsets, in the limitless skies of New Mexico, are usually spectacular.

The originality of the design extends down to the tips, which are each set with a natural geode.

Adding more glitter to the brilliant sheen of the polished silver, the geodes are lovely, and unexpected.

The silver work is faultless, the stones are both gorgeous and unusual; showing them together is completely original.

A spectacular bolo by an emerging artist who obviously has a future as brilliant as the silver in the bolo.

PS There is a splendid bracelet, by the same artist, that matches this bolo, without any stones. Ask, and we’ll send photos.


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