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Tricolor Seed Pot Set


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Steadily rising ever higher in collectors’ and judges’ opinions, Dominique won the Best of Division award for pottery, at Santa Fe Indian Market! One step from Best in Show, this is obviously a major achievement and demonstrates the recognition that this younger potter’s wonderful work is receiving.

This set of seed pots is a minimalist, contemporary interpretation of the various seed pots that Pueblo families used to winter over their corn, squash, bean, and other, seeds. With pure form, stone-rubbed polish, and natural clay slips, these spheres are as perfect as human hands can create. Made in the traditional manner: hand gathered clay, hand-coiled, -smoothed, -polished and pit-fired, this trio represents the absolute essence of traditional seed pots.

There is no room for missteps in work of this unadorned simplicity, and there are none of course. The mesmerizing tranquillity of the set is as surprisingly powerful as in her large pieces. With zen-like purity , it would be a perfect meditation object, too. Immaculate in form, execution and proportion, this set of seed pots is a look back to the past in inspiration, but stunningly contemporary in looks.

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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip


4 1/4" high x 4 1/4" diameter I each