Triangular Turquoise Ring

Tommy Jackson


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A veritable fountain of creativity, Tommy Jackson is renowned for his colorful, wearable jewelry that is eagerly collected all over the world.

Here, he has chosen to spotlight a remarkably beautiful, large, natural, turquoise, just as his ancestors would have done.

Traditionally, Navajo jewelry was inspired by a wish to impress, and show off wonderful stones as well.

This ring certainly does that, but with contemporary workmanship that is superior to the olden days.

In this gorgeous piece you have the historical knock-’em-dead style, coupled with meticulously crisp silver work and a touch of contemporary gold, too.

The star, of course, is that glorious, rich green stone.

A softly rounded almost-triangle, it is surrounded by hand-stamped fans of sterling silver in several sizes.

Framed by a traditional silver “rope” surrounding the stone, the design is punctuated by glittering, fluted beads of 14 karat gold.

A traditional 3-bar shank keeps the ring stable and the wearer, comfortable.

This is a dramatic, modern retro design by one of the most popular and hard-working silversmiths.

It is surprisingly different from most of his current work, but just as beautiful and well-made.

This ring brings the past right up to the present, and into the future, too.

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