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Triangular Escher-Style Bolo


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An artist like none other creates a bolo like none other. Tsos is a meticulous artist who produces relatively few pieces; he creates marvels of inlay that are also rare in their precision, beauty, and overall quality.

Inspired by the mathematical drawings by the Dutch artist Escher, this remarkable jeweler has transformed two-dimensional black and white imagery to an uncommon design of colorful inlaid stones. The beautiful hues both expected and unusual, in a carefully curated arrangement of complementary colors. For instance, orange spiny oyster shell next to blazing blue lapis, red lava stone next to green malachite; these colors interact so that each intensifies its neighbors.

The ribbon-like designs seem to fold and curl, and even look three-dimensional. Silver channels separate the different stones, and they all are inlaid in rich brown ironwood.
The colors are muted and bright, pale and dark, neutral and saturated. Against the subtle grain and earthy brown of the wood, they glow in unexpected hues.

Materials that are different, design that is exceptional, and workmanship that is flawless; these are the hallmarks of Tsos Brown’s work. Beauty in every aspect, creates a bolo that is truly unique.

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Leather Cord is 44" and can be changed or shortened