Tri-Part Buffalo Sculpture


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Nationally collected for his wonderful animal sculptures, Victor here depicts that icon of the Great Plains, the buffalo.

This splendid sculpture features three portraits of a buffalo, carved from one block of alabaster, on a shaped wood base.

The handsome piece is actually three views, facing in three different directions, at three different heights.

Each head expertly portrays the strength and massive power of the buffalo.

This dramatic sculpture honors the buffalo for its gifts to humans.

The animal was revered for its meat, pelt, skin, and horns; providing sustenance, warmth, clothing and shelter, and tools.

The naturalistic heads emerge from a solid alabaster pillar, that was carved into a powerful, thrusting form.

The heads are beautifully and realistically carved; the stone is textured and polished in a variety of ways, so there is an illusion of shaggy fur and solid horns.

Bold curves and the diagonal angle of the piece convey the ponderous size of the buffalo and evoke its lumbering movement.

There is even a little surprise: on one side, the polished stone suggests a seated and howling wolf, or coyote!

An imposing and powerful sculpture, by a recognized, award-winning artist.

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Alabaster, Wood


13 1/4" H x 11 1/2 " W x 7 1/4" Deep