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Tri-Colored Gold Calcite and Marble Bear


Stylized bear of laminated pieces of yellow, black and white stones, with a bundle of natural macaw feathers tied on with green turquoise heishi.

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Exquisitely serene, and irresistibly touchable, as well as gorgeous, this sculpture/fetish is by nationally celebrated sculptor Chris Fragua. Formed of luminous, golden lemon calcite, and two kinds of marble, the sensuously curvaceous bear is encircled by a strand of green turquoise heishi disks, topped by a spray of natural macaw feathers, with turquoise and coral.

The main material is limpid amber calcite, laminated in the center to two bands of sparkly white Greek marble edging a broad strip of figured black marble from Italy. The naturally vivid macaw feathers echo the green and golden yellow, and the warm coral red of the materials. The accents of blue turquoise brighten up the whole palette.

Smooth as satin, or a baby’s skin, the entire piece feels as if one; no discernible seams between the various marbles and calcite to the touch. Elegant in form, mellow but lively in color, and noteworthy in execution, this bear is a beautiful, contemporary version of the traditional Guardian of the West. He will bless your household with beauty, as well as symbolic protection.

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Coral, Lemon CalciteIBlack Italian MarbleIWhite Gree MarbleINatural FeathersITurquoise


1 3/4" wide x 7" long