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Tri-Color Pendant


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This remarkable artist works with the finest materials and sets them very simply, to their greatest advantage, with a painter’s eye for color, composition and texture. Not surprising, since he is also known for his paintings, carvings, tribal leadership, and mentoring. In this color-saturated pendant, the artist’s eye is evident in the elegantly bold palette and beautifully balanced composition.

It is the rich color that hits us first; the green-toned turquoise, the luscious red coral, and the assertive black jet. These fine-quality materials, all natural, have been meticulously arranged in a rhythmic pattern that looks varied, yet is pleasingly balanced. At the top of the pendant, the single piece of spiderweb turquoise fits snugly within the silver in a horizontal rectangle. In the center, a row of vertical pillows of naturally deep red coral form a puffed-up wall of gorgeous color and three-dimensional form. The bottom row consists of three broad, flat bands of night-dark black jet, separated by two stripes of glittering silver.  To complete the composition, there is a pillowed, vertical rectangle of red coral in the face of the bail, a detail that is hugely effective. All three materials have been polished to a highly gleaming surface, and the silver accents add their own, even brighter glints.

Dramatic in color and elegant, but not formal, this beautiful pendant showcases the seemingly simple but extremely sophisticated artistry and skill of this special jeweler.

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Natural Jet and Turquoise, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


2 1/4" long including bail x 1" wide x 1/8" thick