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Tree-Climbing Fun


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Aggie’s work is very well-known, well-loved, and eagerly collected.

She charmingly combines children with animals, birds and friendly insects in her own style, inspired by her former mother-in-law, Marilyn Ray.

This impressively sized piece is typical of her creativity, entirely hand made the traditional way.

A natural wooden twig stands in for a tall tree; the artist has placed four children in various positions.

They are enjoying the universal childhood fun of clambering among the branches.

One little girl has claimed the swing, a butterfly on her lap and another on the branch above, and the others are resting happily on higher branches.

A cuddly white kitten, looking as happy as the kids, is in mid-stride, at the base.

At the very top sits a bird, with 2 more babies in a nest just below the most athletic boy, high up there.

Another bird seems to enjoy being petted by the other little boy, kneeling in a notch, lower down.

The second little girl is curled over a nearby branch, rather precariously, but looking happy anyway.

Hard-to-resist adorableness is an Aggie trademark.

This construction/sculpture/ensemble provides the usual smiles at the realistically posed, yet stylized, little children and other natural creatures.

This is a piece radiating lovable winsomeness, as well as practiced expertise and delightful artistry.

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Vegetal Paint, Leather, Natural Clay and clay Slip, Plaster, Wood


19" high x 7 1/2" wide x 7" deep