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Shawn Bluejacket


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Not your usual Native American jeweler, Shawn is a Shawnee – Plains tribes are known for beadwork, not stone and silver jewelry – and raised partly in New Zealand.

It is her cosmopolitan background, and freedom from the constraints of tribal tradition, that inspires her distinctive jewelry.

Delicate, lady-like, full of color and sparkle, her pieces use all sorts of semi-precious stones and other unusual materials.

In this beautiful, wearable necklace, she assembled amethyst, garnet, citrine, topaz, and more, in a dainty ensemble of faceted stones and cabochons.

It is truly a treasure, full of happy discoveries.

Linked by brushed silver rectangular and cylindrical links, the stones are sometimes set in silver, sometimes attached to dangle alone, and are interspersed with geometric silver beads.

There are also a few, vivid glass beads, inlaid with dots of other stones, and a tiny, silver Eiffel tower, at the bottom.

No two beads or stones are exactly alike, and the boxed silver elements are also each different from the others.

Except for the Eiffel Tower, Shawn has fabricated or altered every single element, and every single link and jump ring.

Wear this long, wear it wrapped around in several strands; you will definitely wear it often.

It will liven up every color and every sort of outfit with its feminine charm, glitter and glistening, beautiful colors, and interesting shapes.

You will spend many days happily marveling at each little element in this beautifully created necklace.

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