Travertine Wolf Fetish


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Wolf is a Guardian animal, protecting the East. Wolves are also noted for their fidelity and their family packs.

This wolf was carved by the lady responsible for keeping to the original tradition of fetishes – a stone that reminds one of an animal, not necessarily a naturalistic portrait.

Carved from an unusual, speckled travertine, this wolf is abstract, but with a wolfish face and blue turquoise eyes. His bushy tail hangs down, one of the traditional features of a wolf fetish.

The medicine bundle on his back symbolizes prayers that the qualities of the wolf, including his hunting prowess, be transferred to the owner of the fetish.

This wolf looks very friendly, and his protective, and other, powers will happily move to your house with him.

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Coral, Commercial Sinew, Shell, Travertine, Turquoise