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Trash Can Bear


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Like his mother, Fannie Loretto, and big sister, Kathleen Wall, Marcus creates figural pieces in traditionally made pottery – and wins prizes for them. (Big brother Adrian does the same, in other media.)

This seated bear is a really creative piece!

It is beautifully hand formed and decorated, of natural clay and clay slips, as well as vegetal paint.

This wonderful set situates the traditional, iconic bear in a definitely contemporary setting.

Wearing a choker of turquoise and shell, the bear is looking over what he found in the emptied trash can: Burritos, left-over fried chicken in its “bucket”, a gnawed t-bone, and several containers of milk, wine, and beer.

Every bit is hand made from hand gathered, mixed, formed, and painted clay.

The bear’s faintly puzzled expression is priceless, and the whole concept is hilarious.

Even more fun, you can play with all these elements, changing the arrangement as much as you want.

Put them all in the trash can and cover it; put some in and some out; put some items in the bear’s paws; place the trash can on its side, etc.

This is like an artistic toy for grown-ups!

Adorably humorous, yes, but also really, traditionally, well-made.

Aside from being a wonderful conversation piece, this is a serious, well-made piece of traditional pottery.

It chronicles an observed aspect of today’s life, just like the famous figures of Cochiti Pueblo did, in the 19th century.


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips, Natural Shell, Turquoise


9 1/4" H x 6 1/2" W x 7 1/2" deep (bear)