Translucent Frog Fetish


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Debra is part of premier families of Zuni carvers, including her mother, Dinah, aunt Lena Boone, and cousins Leland and Evalena Boone.

This adorably chubby frog is carved from translucent minerals selenite and fluorite, with inlaid turquoise eyes.

Selenite is mostly clear, derived from evaporated salts from prehistoric seas; fluorite is a mineral of calcium fluoride,that comes in many colors, most notably in purple or lilac.

Our froggy friend shows the colorless clarity of selenite, towards his nose, and gradually morphs into purple fluorite, at his right flank.

The progression from clear to palest hints of lavender, to a definite lilac hue, is very pretty.

Inlaid turquoise eyes are a lovely contrast to the evanescent delicacy of the other stone.

Carved with a charming and assured mix of realism and abstraction, this little frog – symbol of abundance and fertility – will delight you, and/or the lucky giftee.

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Selenite/Fluorite | Turquoise


1 1/4" L x 1" W x 3/4" H