Traditional Zuni Deer Bowl

Alan E Lasiloo


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Known for his decidedly contemporary pottery, this young artist demonstrates that he is equally at home following Zuni tradition.

Using the pure white Zuni clay, and the age-old designs of a deer and geometric shapes, he has made an elegant tribute to his artistic and spiritual roots.

His own creative spirit is seen in the flowing curves and graceful shapes. Note how the form of the bowl gives a hint of a flare toward the top.

The deer design is age-old in Zuni pottery. The heartline represents the healing properties of the deer: “healing” as in relief, deliverance, ease and soothing.

A successful deer hunt means a reprieve from hunger; therefore, happiness, good health and abundance.

The parallel lines and other shapes that decorate the edges and exterior of the piece represent rain, plants, arrows, etc.

He is as comfortable in this totally traditional realm, as in his award-winning, contemporary-as-tomorrow pieces.

The delicacy and precision of the form, and the bold painting, demonstrate his artistic confidence.

This gifted potter may be known for pushing the envelope, but he shows, here, that he, and his work, are firmly and beautifully rooted in past traditions.


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