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Traditional Style Natural Fox Turquoise Heishi


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Long regarded as one of the premier heishi-makers anywhere, Ray Lovato’s award-winning work is eagerly collected by aficionados of tradition, quality and fine, natural turquoise – a trio not easily found nowadays. This strand of hand-cut, natural old Fox turquoise is rare for all those reasons. This particular piece has been made with the old-style wrapped back, which is not only authentic, but very comfortable to wear. Fox turquoise is noted for its greenish-aqua to emphatically green color and hardness. A range of hues is found in this necklace, as seen in the close-up photos. Ray must have had a large quantity of Old Fox, to cut it up into all these tiny disks, with the resultant debris.The various tints of bluish and greenish turquoise gives this long strand a particular vivacity; the color seems to glow. Each tiny disk was cut, drilled, rolled, and strung by hand. There are tiny nicks seen at the edge of some of the individual beads, where matrix fell out. These are not noticeable when the necklace is worn, only in close examination, and are indications of the natural state of the fine turquoise.Ray’s work is known for the high quality of the natural stones he uses, as well as his fine execution of traditional styles that are sound investments in beauty, and increasingly rare natural turquoise. Rare and precious, but unassuming enough to wear every day, this is a lovely tradition that will continue for generations to come.

Natural Old Fox Mountain Turquoise

Beads: 1/2″ Length: 36″