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Traditional Style Melon Shell Necklace


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This jewelry artist is known for her devotion to tradition, and she follows it so beautifully, why tinker with anything else? This dramatically long, 10-strand waterfall of tiny melon shell disks is an example of “everything old is new again”.

Aglow like sun-kissed wheat, the hand cut shell is striking alone, or worn with other necklaces, in every season. Each piece was cut by hand, resulting in a pile of debris; heishi is material-intensive, as well as labor-intensive. The result of this age-old technique of adornment is surprisingly contemporary, and fits so well into our more casual lifestyle that it can be worn every day.

The wrapped end adjusts to your neck, and is wonderfully comfortable, since the weight is not hanging from just one hook and eye. Light up your life with this radiant necklace and enjoy the past in the present.

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Melon Shell, waxed cord


36" long