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Traditional Mountain Lion Fetish


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Chase is a grandson of the late, famed Teddy Weahkee, a major carver of the twentieth century,

He is also a nephew of Lena Boone, who has encouraged his development as a carver, and whose simpler, traditional style he maintains.

This charmer depicts the mountain lion, Guardian, and Protective Animal, of the North in Zuni lore.

Mountain lion fetishes were considered essential for hunters of big game, as well as serving as protectors of travelers.

This engaging fetish is carved from a single chunk of natural fluorite, with inlaid red coral eyes, and a medicine bundle of yellow mother of pearl, with red coral and turquoise bits.

This is meant to transmit the power of the fetish animal to its owner. The arrowhead points the way.

The traditional color of mountain lion fetishes is yellow, or golden tan – like the real animals. Note the tail, curled over its back – this is a sign the fetish is a mountain lion, and not anything else.

Not only is this fluorite the perfect tawny hue, but it is also translucent, like most fluorite, which increases its beauty.

The natural bits of green that are visible, are part of the allure of the stone. They also hint at the leafy mountainous terrain where the animal lives.

A very appealing fetish carving, in presentation and materials.

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Natural Fluorite, Natural Yellow Mother of Pearl, Commercial Sinew, Natural Red Coral, Turquoise


2 5/8" L x 1 3/8" H x 7/8" Deep