Traditional Green Turquoise Ring


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Lovely silverwork, in a beautifully retro but refined design, supports an impressively large, mellow green, natural turquoise in this elegant statement ring.

The size and design recall the past when a Navajo family’s jewelry was their bank account, as well as a status symbol.

Worn by whoever wanted to make a good impression – going to town, to a ceremony, to an appointment, for instance – the jewelry was not designated by gender, but worn by men and women, both.

This ring is large but beautifully proportioned to be graceful, despite its size.

Gleaming silver supports the long oval turquoise (Royston?) in a delicate frame, with a variety of borders and details.

Twisted silver wire surrounds the darkened shadowbox setting of the stone, with applied designs, stamp work, and added tiny domes, all forming a dainty, old-fashioned, outline.

The shank is equal in design and fabrication, with an interesting shape, and fine stamping.

The artist left a small space at the very back, so the ring could be somewhat sized.

However, placed on a woman’s index finger, this is a fabulous look. Or, if it fits,  it will be amazing on any finger, man’s or woman’s.

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Natural Nevada Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size



Stone is 1 5/8" L x 5/8" W x 1/8" H | Face is 2" L x 1 3/8" W | Shannk is 1/2 " to 1/8" W